Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Scrapfest 2009

Break out the mom jeans and fanny's time for scrapfest 2009!

Haha- this is my 4th Year going to Scrapfest with Christy! This was her fabulous idea from the beginning, and now it is a tradition. None of our friends can ever plan weddings this ever important weekend. I mean really. This is serious stuff!

So, tonight I'm trying to make a game plan so that I can be efficient and not spend the weekend trying to think of ideas. I also greatly cut back on the number of things I'm going to lug to the hotel. Usually we're both pretty ridiculous with the number of scrapbook things we bring with. This year= efficiency. :) Ha. We'll see about that.

And about the mom jeans and fanny packs??? We won't be sporting them ourselves, but will see our fair share pared with "Scrap 'til You Drop!" shirts. :) For some reason I'm publicly confessing I attend this event, but boy oh boy I wouldn't say we fit in there.

The worst part? We're going to ScrapFest to SCRAPBOOK but we have never ever taken a picture of ourselves and this tradition. Pitiful, just pitiful.

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