Thursday, September 3, 2009

28-week Appt!

Today we had our 28 week appt. We have one more monthly appointment, then we're on to every 2 weeks, then weekly (convenient since our doctor is in Woodbury and we're now in Brooklyn Park, right?). How exciting though!!!

Appt went well. Baby has a good strong heartbeat. My blood pressure was good (always low). Bad part--I had to get 2 shots today! I had to get the Rhogam shot because of my dumb O- blood, plus a flu shot. OH the misery... actually, I had always hated shots with a passion, but I think that I'm getting tougher with age. I made Ryan hold my hand for the first one. :)

So, I had more questions today than usual.

1) H1N1 vaccine--do I have to get it? According to my doctor, YES, Ryan and I BOTH need to get it (ABOUT TIME that he has to do SOMETHING for the baby, right?!). Doc doesn't think the vaccine will be available til the 1st of the year, but we need to get it then to protect the little one. The shot makes me nervous because it's new, but she assured me that the FDA is pretty picky and that they wouldn't release it until they new it was safe.... so, I guess I'm getting the vaccine?

2) Braxton Hicks contractions-- she explained what they would feel like and I haven't had any of these. I'll take it.

3) Any more ultrasounds? Hopefully not. The only reason we would get another one is if I was measuring too big or too small, or had high blood pressure or something. So, hopefully we won't see baby again until he's born. :)

4) How come some people are able to say "baby weighs 6 lbs right now", etc.--some get more than 1 ultrasound and she said that even then it is either +/- 2 lbs, so not really accurate. She guessed that baby will be around 8lbs for us, but that was only based on me so we'll see.

5) I asked when baby would be "full-term" and she gave me the 37 week mark. She noted that, thought we DO NOT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN, if the baby was born now (since we're at 28 weeks), it would probably be ok with a little help. That is NOT what I want, but comforting just the same, right?

I think that was all my questions. Crazy to think it's September and baby is really coming in November. I have SOOOOOOO much to do!!! Yikes!

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