Sunday, July 19, 2009

Witcraft Reunion 09

Well, we camped all weekend, despite there being NO SUN. That's ok though. It was a toss up, but I would almost take the colder weather as long as we didn't have bugs. Oh how I hate bugs.

I've been to every reunion since 2000. This is Ryan's family, so my first one was when we started dating back then. This, however, is the first weekend I've camped the whole time without ever going to my parents' to rest up or shower. I feel like quite the pro after 9 years! This reunion is a pretty big deal. I believe this was Year 45 overall. That's quite the tradition.

Ryan has been to the reunion every year of his life. It is seriously his disney land. LOVES it. It's his favorite time of year. I don't know QUITE why exactly, but he's definitely a camper.

Ryan's cousin and wife brought their 4 1/2 month old baby girl. She's a beauty and this was her 2ND CAMPING EXPERIENCE of the year (and her life!). It's just crazy to think that next year we'll have an 8 month old at reunion. Crazy, crazy.

Here's some pics:

Ryan and his hat. This isn't a costume, it's an official camping uniform folks. That hat means he's the boss. :)

The Ab-Fam minus Keagan plus the two additions, me and Jackie, with our bellies. She's due a couple of weeks before me.

Pregnant Abbott Girls :) She's got a girl. I have a boy. It's quite the conflict between Ryan and his brother. His brother is NOT happy. haha.

My first baby. Boy was he clingy this weekend. Pretty good overall though. What can we say...Tytan loves his mom and dad. :)

Just one of our campfire delicassies. We had pudgie pies galore and Ryan even made a frozen pizza over the campfire. Who knew how endless the possibilities of campfire cooking were?! Yum!

So, it was probably my favorite reunion to date despite the weather. I'm hoping to sneak in another camping trip before the fall comes. We'll see!

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