Thursday, July 16, 2009

TGI early F

Today was technically my Friday. I spontaneously decided to take PTO tomorrow since I was planning on heading out of the town early afternoon otherwise. This weekend is RYan's annual family camping reunion. It's his favorite time of year, I swear. He headed out yesterday, but I'm trying to save a little PTO for baby. So, Tytan and I are leaving in the morning (after a joyous morning of hopefully sleeping in with no pager or phone going off!!!). We'll camp Friday and Saturday and have a pretty relaxing weekend. Hope it's a nice weekend for some sunshine (but not TOO much sunshine!).

I've been feeling really good lately. Still try to sneak in naps when I can, but not nearly as exhausted as before! My belly, as you can see in the pics below, is growing. Thanks to Christy I have an amazing new maternity wardrobe which I am SUPER stoked about! (LOVE YOU CHRISTY!)

So, I feel like things are about to really start moving. Speaking of, we're moving in 1 month. Ugh. I dread the thought like you can't believe. Maybe nesting will sink in and I'll be super motivated? First of all, I don't want to move period. 2nd of all, the thought of actually doing the packing and unpacking is horrid. Ew. I know that once we get there it will be fine and it will be kind of fun to get set up (and get baby's room together!). Until then, there's just dread.

Happy Weekend!

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