Friday, July 10, 2009

It's a.......

B O Y!

Holy moly--was I surprised! So much for being positive it was a girl. Geesh! I could hardly believe it, but it's true. We are 100% having a boy according to the ultrasound tech. We have lots of pictures, just none to prove he's a boy. We really did see it on the screen! Just ask Ryan (the happiest guy on earth right now!).

So, the little man is currently 1 lb with a heart rate of 133. Squirmy, squirmy according to the doctor who listened to the heart beat today and the tech for the u/s.

I started feeling him ( HIM!?!!!!) move last Thursday. At first I didn't say anything, but then I started feeling the same type of feeling a few days in a row and it has to be the baby.

Things are so exciting now! It really feels more real! On top of that, things will be moving faster now since they think the due date is more like November 15th, not the 24th. I like that date better, but I also heard today that first time moms should tack on 10 days to their due date, which puts me right smack back to the original date of the 24th.

So now, after I stint at Archivers to pick up boy stuff, I'm at Christy's for the weekend to work on my pregnancy scrapbook (and to get pedis!). Should be a great weekend!


  1. Hi there! I don't think you know me, I'm Christy's friend, but I just had to comment. I thought for sure I was having a boy and it's a girl, and vice-versa for you. Too funny! Congrats. :)


  2. Don't worry about tacking 10 days on to your due date: Reece was 13 days early. Congrats on the boy though! They are definitely busy!