Monday, July 6, 2009


Another Monday. Friday is never far away. Have I mentioned how the weeks fly by? Jeepers.

So, the especially good thing about THIS Friday is that we get to find out if baby is a boy or girl. Looks like most of you agree with me that it's a girl. :) It's funny though, because I am SUPER convinced that it's a girl and will seriously fall over if it isn't; however, I had originally been hoping for a boy. So, I don't think that I dreamed up this idea about it being a girl. It really is one. Pretty sure. Luckily, Ryan will have another 20 weeks to prepare himself for this fact come Friday. ha. I think I'll try to go away for the weekend.

This past weekend we headed back to LaX. We had a grad party for our friend Jeff who graduated from med school and then spent a lot of time with my fam. Brenda and Corey and the kiddos came down so we did food, fireworks, and the whole nine yards. Sunday Ryan got his grandma's pontoon boat and we took the fam out on the Mississipp. Pictures to come when I feel like getting them off my camera.

Weekends are great, but they are SOOOO tiring. I absolutely dread the drive (ride) back to MN after being in LaX for the weekend. Sundays are made for napping....not driving. Ew.

New update pic of belly yesterday too. People are starting to notice. One person who didn't know i was pregnant asked if I was, so lucky her that she was right! I'm half way there! 20 weeks!

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