Monday, March 23, 2009

Dad's reaction

I was so excited for Ryan to get done with work. He came home and I had dinner ready to go. I tried to get him to go shower right away so that we could get a move on. I ended up having a big dumb grin on my face most of the time and he kept asking what was so funny. I kept pretending it was "nothing" until he was all done with dinner. He had noticed this tiny little gift bag sitting on top of the TV (of course, he would look at the TV) and I had just said oh yeah, just an early Christmas gift. Then, when he was done eating, I went and grabbed it and sat on the loveseat next to him. I said, "Ryan, I know that I just gave you a card on Friday, but I didn't realize that I would run across this little thing this weekend, so I have something else for you." He opened it as I sat grinning like an idiot. He unrolled the onesie and read it and said, "What's this? Is this for Bryce?" (whose baby shower we're going to this weekend). I said, "Nope, it's for YOU" and starting laughing/crying all at the same time. He was SHOCKED. I know that the rest of the night he must have said "crazy" about a million times and I'm pretty sure that that was the first word out of his mouth. I told him how I had checked that morning and showed him the sticks for proof. It was a really special and romantic moment and I'm so glad that I did it a special way. We decided we'll wait to tell most of our friends/family until we're back in LaCrosse for Easter. That way I'll have an appt under my belt and will feel better. We each get one person to tell though so he made his phone call right away...his brother Ben, who is expecting early November. Ryan called, made small talk for a few minutes, then said, "hey, when is your kid's due date?" and Ben replied beginning of November. Ryan said, "Beginning of November huh. Well. Ours is going to be a few weeks after that.". WOAH. Ben was apparently very excited and thrilled that they are going to be dads together. He was also sworn to secrecy and I am going to be so annoyed if anyone finds out. So, my notification of my one person (maybe 2? Like Ryan isn't going to tell Nick!) will be this week sometime. Woo-hoo! :)

Baby C or Baby A....can't wait to meet you!

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