Monday, March 23, 2009


Ahh the dilemna.
Friday the 20th we paid for our trip to Mexico.
Sunday the 22nd we realized we're having a baby.


So, I called today to find out about cancellations, and if we cancel in the next 2 days, then we take a hit of $570 + our $500 deposit. Then, we get about $1000 back.

That $1000 would be great for the baby and getting us off to a good start (paying off some debt).

That vacation would be great for us and would be a blast (unless I'm sick, or tired, or crabby, etc. etc.). I obviously can't drink there and would have to be super aware of the sun and the heat, etc. Have to drink lots of water (in Mexico?) and keep myself better taken care of. I would still be in the first trimester, so who knows how I will be feeling?

Ahh the decision. I have until Wednesday to decide. Bummer. It's a big choice. Ryan is up for either one...I wish I knew how I would be feeling then!

The thing I don't want to happen is for us to cancel and then to never go on another vacation. Baby is going to entirely change our lives and I don't want to pass up the vacation of a lifetime...

Well huh.

***First appt is next Monday! Ryan's coming too! It's called an OV confirm and I get a prego test along with a bunch of info about "the program".Can't wait! ***

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