Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wishin' and Waitin'

I have found myself saying things like "I can't wait til Conley can" and "I wish that he could..." over and over again. Things like: wearing a certain outfit, crawling, eating baby food, sleeping through the night, waiting for Spring, etc.

Then, I stop myself.

Because at the point that all those things happen, it just means my sweet little baby is getting older. Being big enough to wear a certain bigger outfit means he has outgrown one of his others, sleeping through the night would mean that (though I would get more sleep), I would miss out on the 1:1 time with him in the middle of the night rocking him back to sleep. And that's sad.

So, I am making an honest effort not to speak these words. I'm trying to stop my brain from even thinking them. Instead, I'm trying to cherish every little moment of each day instead of always looking toward the next step, next phase, next day.

Everyone says that the baby phase goes fast, and I don't want to "wish" these days away any faster than they will already go. Lack of sleep and all.

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  1. That is my by far the cutest most perfect picture ever!!! You are so lucky to have such a handsome boy!