Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Ryan and I were planning on coming back to Wisconsin two weekends in a row, so I decided that it made just as much sense for me and Conley to stay the whole week instead! So, here we are at my parents while RYan is back in MN working and sleeping soundly throughout the night I'm sure.

Our routine is pretty much the same here and I'm without a car. I really have nothing to write home about. ;) Could have brought my scrapbooking stuff, but Christy would yell at me for not having anything to do NEXT weekend.

Our good friends Brad and Kirsten are having a baby girl in March, so her shower is on Saturday. Can't wait! Having one ourselves makes me SOOOOO excited for them! Can't wait for the future Mrs.Abbott to arrive. Ha!

New pics to come--nothing else to do! :)

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