Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sleep when they sleep

Last night was a less than delightful night of sleep. The babe slept 3 hours initially then was up every 1 1/2 to 2 hours. During one of those streaks I found myself laying in our bed unable to fall asleep...that's just WRONG. 5am I sent an email to cancel our plans today in hopes of sleeping every time that he did. That's what the golden advice is, right?

"Ha", says Conley. "Ha ha ha".

He fell asleep numerous times, usually in my arms after a bottle. So, I laid him down in his crib and sprinted to my bed in hopes of getting some sleep too. My head would hit the pillow and there was the sound of my precious boy calling me back to him. Again. and again. and again.

I think we repeated this routine a good 3-4 times and then, FINALLY, we slept. I had felt so exhausted, yet I think I only slept about 30-40 minutes and then for some reason hopped out of bed while he still slept. Ugh.

Now, as I'm blogging, wouldn't you know he just fell asleep in his swing? Oh the life of a baby and oh the life of being a mama! It's a great job, but surely an exhausting one!

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