Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2-month appt and update

My sweet little baby boy is 15lbs. Yup. 15. (and 1.9 oz).

Yesterday we had his 2 month appt and.... his shots. So sad! He didn't cry for TOO long at the appointment itself, but basically cried from 9-10 last night and it was clearly from the shots. I felt so horrible for him. Luckily Tylenol seemed to give him some relief and then he slept "ok".

Here are his stats:

Weight: 15lbs 1.9oz--98.41%
Height: 2'.21"--89.17%
Head: 16.93"--98.32%

Doctor said he looked great and had no concerns, so that was good. Looks like we have a little chunker on our hands--no surprise there!

Here's Conley at 2 months:

Follows objects with his well--watches mom and dad walk around
Seems to love looking at and hearing dad's voice
Soooo happy in the morning. Full of smiles and giggles! SOOO much fun!
Not so much of a night owl--gets a bit cranky.
6 hours sleep in a row is his max. 5 hours twice. Otherwise, every 1-3 hours.
Absolutely LOVES baths
Makes tons of noise still--seems to like the sound of his voice. More high pitched coos and squeaks. So cute.
Took notice of Tytan. One day the dog walked by and Conley followed him with his eyes and smiled.
Hungry, hungry, hungry.
Loves his hands and frequently scratches his face (those darn fingernails are so hard to cut!). He sleeps with socks on his hands. :)
Does not like his carseat. Cries going in and coming out of it but sleeps the whole time he is in it otherwise.
Favorite item is his bouncy seat. It is a savior!!!
Got a floor play mat from Grandma and does pretty well on that too.
Lay down in your crib partially awake and are able to fall asleep with a little comforting from mom or dad

HHmmm...that's all for now. SOOO much fun and amazing to me every day. I especially love my mornings with him when he sits and grins at me. Makes my day!

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