Thursday, October 7, 2010

Brutish boy

Well, Conley may not be able to walk yet, but he sure can climb a slide like no other! Oh dear, each day I worry about what I have in store for me being the mom of a BOY!

Yup, my baby boy with the runny nose, bruise under his eye from hitting himself in the face with Thomas the Train, 2 1/2 teeth that he proudly displays to anyone that smiles at him. He has no fear. Up and down the slide. Up and down the step into his bedroom. So fun to see him explore, but SCARY!

He's developing quite the "personality". Yesterday we went to "Baby-garten" at the Library here in town and there were about 10 kiddos there, all under 2. They all came in quietly and started playing with their toys...not my boy! No, he crawled up on all the toys shouting and carrying on the whole time. Hilarious! I'm sure the other moms were scared of the brutish boy with the bruise under his eye who was nearly knocking over their kids. It was near the point of embarrassing, no lie. BUT he loved it and did great with the music/story time. Afterwards the lady who led it said "He sure had a good time. He's the life of the party!". Haha. Again, if only I knew what was in store for me ahead.

Being a mom is a crazy, funny, humbling, nerve-wracking, and amazing thing!

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