Thursday, February 24, 2011

Here. A blog.

Let me just wipe off the dust a little, only to share this with you....I know, I know. NOT about Conley, and not particularly note-worthy ( is). BUT....

is what this is all about.

See, I need some money. Donations.


Because I've spent the last EIGHT YEARS of my life working with really awesome and inspiring residents who have made my life so much more important. Some of them take part in Special Olympics. Some don't. Either way, they're awesome, and so is Special Olympics. How awesome?

Awesome enough to make me jump in a lake in Minnesota in March. Make that a week and a half. (A WEEK AND A HALF OMG!).

Presenting: The 2011 Polar Bear Plunge at Lake Calhoun on March 5th

And I'm going to do it. Jump in a lake. Brrr.

So...if you can....donate some money to help. I'm on a team from work and we're trying to raise enough for each of us to be able to jump. It's a minimum of $75 per jumper, and we currently have 8 jumper-wanabees, so that means we need more support Special Olympics....and those awesome people that deserve it.

Click, click, click away! Thanks!

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